Design Flows 2020


Design Flows Challenge 2020

This year I had the pleasure to partecipate to the Design Flows 2020 challenge organized by Bending Spoons. The task was to design a mobile app (either iOS or Android) for pet lovers. The target audience comprises both “experts” in the field and those who approache to this world for the first time. The users have the possibility to use the app either as free users, or as premium ones for 4.99$ per month. Premium users have access to extra content.
We were required to design an icon and three screens. The “discover” screen, where users land at launch. Here they see and can bowse relevant content such as articles and podcasts. This page has to show both free and premium content. A map, that shows where to find pet shops, animal shelters, cliniques, dog friendly parks and more. And a paywall. This is where non-yet-premium-users land when trying to access premium content.

In my design, in the “discoverscreen content is divided both per type and per animal. This way users can personalize the content they view based on what they are interested in. Here, premium content is visible to everybody, but only premium users can access it. For everybody else this content is shown with a low opacity as to say that it’s not accessible, but it could be if they switch to premium. When free users try to acces this kind of content, the paywall screen shows up.
The same concept applies to the map screen, where users can decide to make visible only those facilities they are interested in. Here also have they the possibility to filter by pet, in case they’re looking for some facilities that specialized on some particular kind of pet, such as birds vetenary clinique, reptile shops, ect.