Morbegno in Cantina

Morbegno in Cantina is a wine tasting event that takes place every year in the city of Sondrio (Italy). During the event people get the chance to taste local wines directly at their production sites. Visitors are given a glass, a ticket and a map at the beginning of their experience and they walk through the city visiting the places that the maps shows them according to the kind of ticket they have purchased.
As personal practice, I went through all printed material of past events that I attended and came up with a new proposal.
I first created an A1 poster for the event with a monoline illustration with colors and decorative motivs that recall wine.

Printed Material


Morbegno in Cantina offers a few itineraries to choose from, according to the kind and quality of wine one wants to taste. Every itinerary is named after a color: yellow, green, red and gold. I created specific color palettes for each itinerary and those color palettes identify all the printed material for that specific itinerary.
Once you pick up your ticket at the event you are given a glass and many different printed materials that comprise a map, a ticket pass where to punch each wine cellar as you visit them, rules and a flyer with info about “Alcohol and Driving”. I collected all of this separated materials into a whole 21×62 cm flyer.



The flier can be folded five times into a small 10×21 cm booklet. That makes it much easier to carry around during the event and can be easily kept into a pocket. The cover of the folded flier shows the main info, such as name of the event, year, color of the itinerary and main sponsors. The back of the folded flier is the ticket pass that shows the price, kind of itinerary you purchased and a list of wine cellars to punch as you visit them.
Once you unfold the flier you will have map and addresses of each cellar on the inside and rules, turistic info about the city of Morbegno and info about Alcohol and Driving on the outside.


Along with printed material for the event I also thought of some social media marketing material, such as instagram stories. I created 6 animated GIFs using Keynote that describes the event and its structure in a few steps. The language chosen for the stories is English, since the event is addressed not only to Italians, but also to tourists from allover Europe.

Instagram Stories