Public Restaurant

During my first year in Denmark I was asked to produce some graphic design materials for the Italian restaurant where I worked. It was my very first commissioned work as a self thought designer and it was extremely gratifying to see my designs printed on real products. I created for them a variety of different products, from designing the t-shirts for their staff, to menus and gift cards. This diversity was a good practice for me for designing with the end product in mind and adapting the design to each product that needed to be created.

T-shirts for the Staff

The very first project I was asked to work on was the t-shirts for the staff. Public Restaurant is a young, informal and friendly environment and the owners asked me for a design that incorporates this values and transmits their passion for wine. I took inspiration by their assorted collection of wines and created an illustration that comprises the main Italian grapes that you can find in their wine cellar. The illustration was created entirely with ink and pen and printed on the back of the t-shirts.

Gift Cards

The second project I was commissioned were gift cards. I provided four different options for them to choose from. All of them aim to keep that informal and young look with the addition of a golden ribbon as an embellishment. I also provided an option with hand-drawn calligraphy for a more unique look. Hand calligraphy was drawn with the use of a penbrush and ink.


Along with t-shirts and gift cards I designed the lunch menu for Restaurant Public. On Fridays and Saturdays they serve some snacks and quick lunch options such as Porchetta Sandwich together with Aperol Spritz. Much of this lunch menu derives from their previous experience at Papirøen, Danish ex Street Food, where they had a stand before opening the restaurant. Therefore the idea is to give the printed menu more of a grunge look that reminds of a street food stand.